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5421 Lake Howell Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792


We are unique compared to other laundromats!

Full-Service Staff

Premises attended by our staff at all times for questions and assistance.

Alternative Payment Options
All of our machines will accept Coin and/or Credit/Debit cards.
Wash - Dry - Fold Service

We offer the three most
needed services at an
affordable price.

Environmentally Friendly Machines

Our large capacity machines provide you with the very best wash and dry.


5-Star Reviews


We offer the best laundry services in the Winter Park area!

EZ-Wash was established in 2015. We are a full service laundromat with plenty of convenient, well lit parking. We provide a wash, dry & fold service. We offer a clean, hygienic, and economic self-service facility. We invite you to experience our bright, air conditioned, new laundromat. Our environmentally friendly machines accept both coins and credit/debit cards. We have a staff member present at all times to assist you with your needs. We have folding tables, rolling baskets and comfortable seating. We even have a children’s table with crayons & coloring books!

EZ-Wash will take care of your laundry!

Our clean, bright and air conditioned laundry facility is equipped with everything you need to get the job done. If you dont have time to dry and fold yourself, try our
Wash-Dry-Fold service!


Try out our "Wash - Dry - Fold" Service Today!

Drop Off Your Clothes

Premises attended at all times by our friendly staff, drop off today!

Enjoy Your Free Time

We will Wash, Dry, and Fold all of your clothes while you are gone.

Pickup Fresh, Folded Clothes

Pickup your fresh clothes! As our motto says – “Laundry Made Easy”


We Are Very Proud of our Client’s Reviews

“I love washing my clothes here because there is this one worker her name is Debbie. She is so sweet and welcoming every time I come in to wash clothes. She has the sweetest smile on her face and she is so helpful and respectful. She makes me feel right at home.”

unnamed (10)
African Passion



I never had anyone do my laundry for me before so this was the first attempt. Marjorie was the woman who took care of me and I must say she gives amazing service. She did my laundry nicer than I could ever do it and folded my clothes to perfection. What an asset she is for this cozy laundromat.

Susan M



“This is by far the cleanest laundry mat I’ve ever been to.  Large air-conditioned laundromat with coin and card-operated machines. The people who work here are also really nice. Family owned. Stayed open late so I could dry clothes and I was very grateful.”

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Cyn Smada