Why it only makes sense (and cents) to outsource your laundry service

You already know that you can outsource your dry cleaning, but did you also know you can outsource your laundry too? Whether you have a busy family, or you’re a working professional you have better things to do than sorting, washing, drying and folding your laundry.


Washing and drying a load of laundry takes approximately 1 ½ hours. If you home has only one washing machine and one dryer, you’re spending all day chained to the laundry room, switching the loads. And honestly, once you get everything clean and folded, your family has accumulated more dirty laundry. It feels like you will never get ahead of the game.

Taking your laundry to the laundromat will save you quite a bit of time. There, you can wash and dry all of your loads of laundry simultaneously in multiple machines, cutting your time down significantly. It will still take about 1 ½ hours, but the rest of the day is yours.

Working Professionals

“Time is money.” You know the value of time and money, so you already outsource your housecleaning and many other tasks.  As a busy professional, you realize how much you’re worth per hour, and outsourcing these tasks allows you to focus on what you doing best. Isn’t it worth it to have your laundry done for you too?

At EZ Wash in Winter Park, we have two convenient options to help you save time and money. Our state of the art laundromat has an abundance of machines so you can get all of your laundry done quicker than doing it at home. Or, for an even quicker option, EZ Wash can wash, dry and fold your laundry for you. Just drop it off, and we’ll have it ready in a jiffy. The only question is, what will you do with all that extra time?

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